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Bikramjit Sen



Bikramjit Sen




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Think of a child who

Lost his grandmother

Thereafter his father

Thereafter his countrymen

All one by one into the hands of fanaticism

United we stand

Divided we fall

Shall we not help the one whom destiny did not favour at all?

Some time back, he was called for

A brief visit, he did not think of at all  

Smiling and winking at the peppers, destiny spread over his wounds,

He met Him, with head held high

Being an idealist, he was a believer of, whatever happens, happens for the good.

Even if he was unable to perform in the house

On being asked, he told God, goodness gracious, everything is good, I suppose, for each and all.

This returned him the position he deserved

After all, how many Jobb’s do you find in today’s world at all?

If everything is predestined to happen

Shall we sit by folding hands and do nothing at all?

No, certainly not.

Seek the blessings in disguise, sent from the faraway heavens

Even if nothing goes your way, the light is certainly ahead,

Believe in it, the blessings are on your way.     

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