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Nilesh Vaghela



Nilesh Vaghela


Train Story...

Train Story...

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Hello passengers!!!!

Have a happy journey.

Before starting a beautiful journey of life

I want to announce something.

So, With every Departure

This Story starts

And with every stoppage it holds,

With every turn, it turns

And no one knows the final surfs.

But Impatience of inner kid,

Let them jumped out from the story,

And they became part of an untold story

Every character of this story seems like passengers

Some are with tickets

And some are without,

Some are conscious,

And some are just roamers.

But like every train,

Story of life departs from

Station to station

City to city

Person to person

And phase to phase.

Also, we help some beggars

And become the reasons of their Bread & Butter.

A knock-knock from child labour,

Touches beat of helplessness.

An epic clap of Epicene,

Ask to run faster with Fear.

Sometimes the coach becomes Counsellor,

Some guard saves us from Hiccups,

Some pull chain to make us Realize,

And someone whistles out us from Pitfall.

So, travel Safe and Smart,

It’s ok to miss train sometimes

And it’s ok to reach sometimes early.

It’s life in train

And train in life,

Like every train

This will also reach to its Yard,

Where it is meant to be in Rest in Peace

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