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Arghyadeep Dhar

Abstract Tragedy


Arghyadeep Dhar

Abstract Tragedy

To My Sedative

To My Sedative

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You think you are a night owl with no reason,

Actually, everyone thinks so just like you.

But I know you have a reason.

I know it because once

I was addicted to those sleepless nights.

I used to savor them like red wine: slowly, closing my eyes.

Once, just like you, I used to smell the starry Nights;

I used to count stars in the night sky;

I know,

You have seen how the night turns into morning,

Just like people change;

Just like

The way they leave us;

Just like

The way they forget us;

Just like

The way an artist makes his masterpiece out of an empty canvas;

You may have seen yourself in the sky,

In the fading stars:

How they disappeared at dawn

Just like you who waned in someone’s life…

While I was addicted to sleepless nights,

I used to find some answers in its labyrinth.

I didn’t know the question at all.

All I knew was it will give me a reason…

A reason to have a good sleep.

I wanted to make something.

I didn’t know what that ‘something’ was.

Maybe it is a lyric,

Maybe it was a portrait,


Maybe it was apt closure to our unfinished conversation.

Now I sleep early with gallons of tiredness.

I don’t seek any answers.

But I want you to find yours,

I want peace to be your sedative.

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