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To Corporate, From Life

To Corporate, From Life

3 mins

To Corporate, From Life.

Hello my dear cohabitant Corporate. I know its weird to write to the person, with whom you live under the same roof. Especially while shacking up. Because then, the whole scenerio is romanticised globally and that is why those mates are supposed to "talk". My take on this to the world, "indulge and experience the reality".

But let me tell you the secret first or better to the world, that like marriage, shacking up is also not easy. Infact, taking into consideration our case, I would prefer to say that it's tougher and way more challenging than any other wedding. 

Even though I have always remained indoors of our home while you chose to went out and see the world. 

People know it better by the term, "breadwinner", but I won't accept. 

Because you just 'earn' it, while I make it. 

You just 'get' it, while I 'grace' it. 

So its none like you are winner, but even in case you consider yourself to be the one, then so am I. 

(Shit {as what you think is I am}, as usual, I got into another sentimental expression, which definitely is none of your concern.)

So yes, coming back to the point of me knowing your 'wherebouts' by sitting at home itself. 

Like I know that everyday you slog bigtime for the train races, for the briefcases, and also for FREE LUNCH PACKAGES. 

So yes, I know your highs and lows, your deeps and shallows, even though we no more share pillows. 

I know that expression of yours seeing my message pop up. 

That one, which grimaces my heart and crushes all expectations and desires apart. 

That one, which pricks like just a tiny needle but never stops pricking, so that you feel as if your body is on fire. 

But this time, I would say, "I don't care".

I also know that right now, just at the moment before my message popped up on your screen, 

Your eyes were wandering around inside the local with a better gleam.

The reason was usual and the obvious, you had many other shiny briefcases in your radius. 

Some clad in clinking, sharp heels.

To give you a better feel, that few things may drill you hard, even though the pleasure is less and your heart gets scarred. 

But you won't mind, because this is corporate, 

All glittery, glowing and one of its kind.

I can also imagine your pretense of swiping your luck ferociously. 

By rolling your thumb on screen of commodity. 

While typing this, I take a break. 

To check your new fansy, optimistic quote on social media, 

Your everyday ritual, which you call, "hashtag corporate". 

Before I come to what I exactly want to say with this open letter to you my dear cohabitant Corporate, 

I would like to relive what I relished. And this time, despite knowing that it would be nothing than trash to you,

Because nothing else matters than your desk in your view. 

Let me call it tete~a~tete and let me romanticise this , "bumping into each other" of yours. 

So we saw... No actually let me confess, It was I who first got my eyes on you. 

And I thought, which could be a better place than this local train to let the feelings be red and not blue.


Clad in an absolute black trouser and coat, you were nothing less than a dream which floats. 

But we all know that its actually the black, which blindfolds.

I stepped closer, to take a deeper look.

Don't know it was magic, or tragic, that you got my hook. 

For you, it was yet another one night fancy,

Just like another interim fame you get, after corporate sycophancy. 

But for me, it was once in a lifetime glee. 

So I hope you understood,

That why today my pen stood?

It doesn't ask you for respect,

Nor does it blame.

It just wants the time back,

Which got gambled in this game. 

Please don't be shocked or come back home,

Because, your life tried hard on you,

But now it's gone. 

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