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Lokanath Rath

Action Classics Inspirational


Lokanath Rath

Action Classics Inspirational

Time And We.....

Time And We.....

2 mins 194 2 mins 194

It's a long long time since we met,

Maybe it's the time we didn't get.

We grew older and our looks are changed,

But our bonding can't be challenged.

Some times we say time moves faster,

But it's true that its speed has not changed forever.

We can't hold the time and ask to wait,

As it never stays for anyone and has no mate.

Some times we curse the time out of emotion,

When we face problems for our actions.

Time is the same for all of us and very cruel,

It gives no space to stop and take no chance to fail.

Whatever we learned and chosen our goal,

We have to act on that without any excuse at all.

That decides our rate of success in life,

And we became the person as we like.

That later reflects on our personality,

We made it, not the time, it's the reality.

We were together when we were very young,

We played, danced together and sang the song.

Then we never cared for the time to come,

We used to enjoy ourselves together and it was awesome.

We grew a bit older and set our own goal,

Then we start working on that to achieve all.

There we got separated from each other,

But our sweet bonding is there with us to remember.

Now as some of us succeed and some failed,

It's due to many factors we know and smelled.

At this old age, we can't change our past,

But we can share some time with each other, which will be the best.

Let us not waste time on reviewing our achievements,

Let us share our love and joy and have some with amusement.

We don't know when this time will be for us the last,

So let us make our life joyful and give our best.

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