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The Story Of My Life

The Story Of My Life

2 mins

Sitting beneath an giant old tree,

I stared at the sky above and wondered,

Time really flies,

My wrinkled hands reminded me of my story.

Once upon a time,

I too was a child,

Grew up helping my mother,


I remember that when I was five,

I couldn't spent an hour without her.

I wondered how I managed,

To spend a decade or two,

Without kissing her soft cheeks.

Father was there too,

My horse!

We played around all the time,

And Mumma would get angry on us.

I remember My brother too,

We used to do our homework together,

He used to steal candies from the shops,

And bring it to me for my birthdays.

I loved them so much.

Everything was perfect,

Until one day,

Father killed himself,

Because of something I still do not know.

But now I don't search for answers anymore,

I don't even remember their faces,

My brother too ran away one day,

And never returned home.

I used to cry a lot.

But now I wondered if he is alive,

If he too is thinking about me,

Beneath some great old tree.

I remember falling in love for the first time,

And crying when I was rejected,

Ohhhh it makes me laugh now,

How stupid I was as a child.

I completed school,

And then was sent to a hostel,

I remember my girls,

We used to have so much fun,

I cried a little at this point,

I really wished to dance again,

And stay up late with my girls,

We used to celebrate birthdays,

And sang, danced and what not,

But those days too flied away.

And now my friends are all dead or missing.

I missed those days.

I fell in love a hundred more times,

Before meeting my darling,

Whom I have three kids with,

I remember being proposed on the sea shore,

How we had danced beneath the moon,

There were so many dreams we fulfilled together,

I miss him now,

He died of cancer a few years ago.

I have a daughter and two sons,

I hope they are alive and well,

After their marriages they left us in this place,

And never returned again,

I have started to forget their faces.

My daughter used to love me as a child,

And so did my sons,

We used to have campfire in the nights,

And bathed beneath the morning sun.

But time surely does flies...

I wish I could get a day back,

I wish I could live my life again,

I wish I could turn back time,

There were some many things I wished to do,

My dreams and talents are all gone,

I feel like crying now,

I wish to love them again,

Those who touched my life and disappeared forever.

Oh it makes me tired,

I think I will now go get some sleep,

And suddenly the alarm rang,

I woke up and saw,

My brother sleeping beside me,

Father was reading a news paper,

And mother came into the room,

Kissed my head slowly,

And smiled.

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