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Deepti Kolte



Deepti Kolte


The Soul Of The Bad One!

The Soul Of The Bad One!

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I was born on a footpath, near a red drum,

And grew up in one of the famous slums.

Life happened as it could,

Killing the Childhood

In ‘for the better’ falsehoods.

But I had really amazing friends,

With some essential skills,

To Make a living and some cheap thrills.

Stealing and breaking a leg or two for that...

If the situation turned a Lil’ brat.

Seemed to me my Godsends!

And I was getting schooled,

Rather similarly (fooled).

On one of those days (of my training),

I got badly bruised in a bratty situation,

Head banged into something...

That looked like a red drum                                            

To my eyes turning hazy and mind going numb.

In that end... That seemed so near,

"I am not a bad human"

I kept thinking to tears

My soul is intact,                                                       

Never meant to harm anyone,

I just took from those who had more,

'Coz I had very little to none.

As the angel appeared,

"Please keep my soul", I urged,

As unbruised,

For my next life to come,

And gift me with the same one.

But let me be born Not in a slum.

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