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Venkatesh R

Abstract Drama Classics


Venkatesh R

Abstract Drama Classics

The Renovation

The Renovation

2 mins 36 2 mins 36

Not so famous the virus got attention,

The sars didn't make an impact but a lesser-known did with an ability of fitness of survival.

The friends, the family, got united with the social network, though the distance and lockdown didn't make a difference as virtual humans lead the zombie life.

As the people felt the pressure, under the lockdown the corporate took advantage of the situation and explored the future of their industry.

Stress, depression, and domestic violence spread faster than the virus, some lost the loved ones to the virus, where others lost them as to the unnoticed predator depression. 

The weaker bonds, United by technology prevailed but couldn't sustain the hurricane of true love as fake masks were torn with needs and the substantial well-wishers brought to spirit.

The honking of the cars stopped, The monsoon commutation became a misfortune opportunity of magnificent life during the busy schedule of our short life.

The wildlife crossed and dwelled the concrete forest habituated by the aliens, Where the aliens, were caged by the fury of nature. Nature enjoyed the chirping and gushing of its genetics.

Our comforts have crossed the woods, as we saw the inhabitants as aliens, whereas we ourselves were the aliens who ruined the ecosystem's well being which worked in conjunction. 

Death and disease don't have a preference to stature, we emerge as dust and we perish as dust while oscillating between the darkness.

comprehend to survive with empathy with the fellow lifeforms, may nature forgive us soon for our deeds.

Let's have a new beginning 

with better deeds in the young realm.

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