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The Scotch-Irish Viking

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The Scotch-Irish Viking

Abstract Others

The Reckoning Hour

The Reckoning Hour

2 mins 193 2 mins 193

'I said, Hey, Hey, You,

Get off my cloud'.  ~ The Stones

Some people have a habit of

Killing a star's shine.

I am not a narcissist, but I'm

A little divine.

I've fought all my life, to make

Myself mine.

Look and you'll find,

I am one of a kind.

I have intense energy,

I have an intense mind.

I don't need your company,

You didn't read the sign.

My welcome mat,

Is for my friends... That,

Respect me as a person,

Don't curse me, now scat!

You're like a bad cat.

Now I'm infected by the scratch.

You're like a vampire bat,

What the fukk did I catch?

You're like a wet match,

Got no flame in your heart.

Just like a bad batch,

Of some cheap a la carte...

And you think you're so smart.

News flash baby, I am not the one

You're looking for.

You think, maybe, I'm the wolf at

Your door.

Just because I'm Savage, doesn't

Mean my pride does not get sore.

My life has been a ride,

And I will glide, 'till

I can't fly anymore.

I am the turbulent waves in the sea,

I am just your wrath you pour.

I will be what you want to see,

I'm the reflection of your soul gone sour.

I am the truth that you can not face,

You've let your demons steal your power.

You may be the Queen, but I am the Ace,

And this is your reckoning hour.

The clock struck now! It's over! Pow!

This Is The Reckoning Hour.

Some people have a habit of

Bighead up behind.

I am not a star, at least not the

Hollywood kind.

I'm drinking fine wine from the feast,

You're drunk on turpentine.

Took from the vine,

Posion mixed in the stine.

How the hell can you judge me,

And leave integrity behind.

Another hypocrite I see,

A termite in the pine.

Go chew your fat,

The gossip that you... Spat,

Will show that you're the worst

At friendship. Fact!

You're like a drowned cat,

That just crawled out of the ditch.

Ya, shoulda known better than ta

Fukkin' scratch me, little bitch.

I'll bet you'd snitch,

Just to save your thin skin.

Don't ever step to me,

You don't know where I've been...

But I'll bet you got fukked by your kin.

Who's stash, baby? Have you

Been in 'cause I think it's bad?

Who can save me from these

Plastic people going mad?

Just because I ravage every beat

And rhyme that comes my way.

You don't have to hate me for

The things that I might say.

There is strength inside

That will abide, 'till I can't

Ride no more.

I have power that I can't hide,

That is what our spirit's for.

I can see the energy spent,

I can see the sackcloth tore.

But I won't be where you implement,

Your ignorance no more.

I am the proof that you must not waste,

You are the closet where weakness cowers.

Just like the rabbit that loses the chase.

This is your reckoning hour.

Chewing on bitterness...

Blind to the taste.

This is The Reckoning Hour.

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