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Rachel Singhal

Children Stories


Rachel Singhal

Children Stories

The Prank

The Prank

1 min 167 1 min 167

“Ahem” Mrs. Andrews addressed her class

“I want that in this test you all pass,

Or the consequences which you will face

Will bring you to extreme disgrace.”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay

Wishing they were anywhere but here

Swimming in a sea of sharks and whales

Or even fighting a big black bear.

Mrs. Andrews interrupted their thought

To show them something she had brought

In her hand, she held a big cage

With hairy spiders full of rage!

Little Johnny was about to faint

Mrs. Andrews began to laugh

She took off her bright red scarf

And inside was a tin of paint!

“These spiders, as you see

Are made up of rocks by me,

I painted and painted till they stank

Oh, what a funny prank!”

The class was surprised and shocked too

This wasn’t the thing teachers do

They are always taken up with studies

They hardly have any time to spend with buddies!

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