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Sheel Nigam



Sheel Nigam


The Golden Angel

The Golden Angel

2 mins 41 2 mins 41

Last night I had a beautiful dream.

There was greenery all around,

Spring was in the air, flowers blooming everywhere,

playing joyfully with butterflies and bees.

The sun showered its golden rays, 

upon the rejuvenated Earth below.

A golden angel flitted from being to being,

awakening each, with a touch of her wand.

Astonished, I tried to rise,

but felt tied down, fastened to my bed.

I tried again, not wanting to miss the wonder.

Finally, the golden angel came to me, 

and touched my forehead with her golden wand.

I opened my eyes.

She was bent over me.

The fragrance of her body filled my being.

She was leading me on high, towards heaven it seemed,

but my body refused to follow, caught in a trap of gold,

Struggling, I blinked my helpless eyes,

Was I clinging to my illusory world, instead of letting go?

She read my mind and came up close,

peering deep into my soul.

She waved her wand around me thrice,

And whispering a spell, into my ears.

From afar, I heard my mother's voice,

Awakening me from my slumber,

Don’t you have to get to work?

In a stroke, she flicked my blanket away.

As golden rays pierced my eyes,

I awoke on a cot in the courtyard I knew well.

The sun shone brightly on my face,

casting a smiling web of gold, from ear to ear.

A spider had snared me from head to toe;

She hurried along her mesh, as I stirred my arms.Was she the golden angel in disguise?

The sun's golden touch gilded her little form and web.

How lucky she was to have the sun with her at work!

Some spiders make do with old buildings and ruins,

and some, dark caves, to weave their nets,

where the sunlight does not ply.

In dark crevices they trap their prey,

sucking their juices to have their fill.

Like the blackness in their heart and mind,

that fills their very being.

The darkness of the mind...

The dank lanes and by lanes of their soul,

remain barren like their destructive thoughts.

I wish those spiders had woven their webs

In the bright gardens and courtyards, where light abounds.

There they would have been of golden hue,

and their nests showered with positive force,

that would show the wholesome path,

to those who tread their lives in dark,

trapped in a colourless world.

The power of positive thinking,

They would imbibe,

and awaken to a rainbow-filled world,

Full of the richness of positive thought.

Always facing the sunshine,

And letting the shadows fall behind.

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