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Hurry up! before its gone. Grab the BESTSELLERS now.

Usha Ramesh



Usha Ramesh


The Climacteric Moment

The Climacteric Moment

2 mins 528 2 mins 528

A wishful dream, long-cherished in my beds of thought

Me, entering into a land of snow, hazy, but .....caught

In a webbed net of multitudinal confused knot.

Unable to connect, choose the right optional opt

To be or not to a put a dot...

Fumes of white patches blinded my tears, so hot...

What next....being idle, twitter, gossip, sleep, eat

Oh, gosh! impossible to imagine.Then, What ???

Someone trapped my hand; pulled me out ...

Who's that? The chillness inside me lulled my heart

A doorstep to make me outstanding; invariably caught

Centering me with Centennial intelligent quotient.

Yes, a hilarious team torched by dashing to highlight

The essence of teachers’ potentiality to light...

Mesmerized by the elevated awards to us in volt!

To be or not to be...I erased my feel to quit

Got back to the teens, I tiptoed to my career suite

Ideas popped in....innovative classrooms beamed out

Took olympiad tests where I stand to test

Identified the secret of Chalk -A Challenging art

Varied teaching - a heroine’s walk with students amidst

A fiery zeal to bring a CHANGE...never to halt...

I continue my journey of Teacher with inspirational sight...

Eager to know the hilarious team who brought an insight ???

Yes....none but CENTA, the epitome of Teachers’ bait

Accelerating the Teachers to herculean heights...

Indeed you are the Anchor of the arch, between the Teacher & the Taught...

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