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Suicide Note

Suicide Note

4 mins

May be its end for you

But it’s the new

Beginning for me

The blood which is flowing

Through my vein

Will write the new story of me

The deep cut in my wrist

Is not the reason of my death

It’s key to my freedom

Please respect

I know some will say I am a coward

Some will make the stories behind me

Some will give me the false names

'Cause I took the easy path

To get rid of my pain

I think when you lose all the hope

You don’t care about the after math

But there is something I want to confess

To those

Who was always with me when I loose the track

Mom please don’t cry for me when I am gone

'Cause your beloved daughter will be happiest

When she’ll stay away from you all

I am sorry that I am letting you down

But I don’t have the choice anymore

Your encouraging words was the reason

That I fight this horrendous battle that long

I know you love me but i see the disappointment in your eye

But you always took my back

When someone else call me the black sheep of our tribe


This regular struggle and constant failure

Making me weak momma

And I cant fight anymore

So, bid me farewell, 'cause I wont last long

Papa I apologize

For being selfish, rude and mean

For not listening to your wise advice

And for being a careless kid

I was a naïve child who was living in a bubble

Who wants to show you how much I am capable

But this harsh world put me on my spot

And make me realise I am just another careless tot

Now I regret all my decisions

When I see my failure in your eye

It's shattered my heart into million pieces

And papa I am so sorry that I made you cry

But now it’s time to forget your worry

It’s the end of all of the pain for you and me

'Cause, Now, it’s time to say good bye to me

My dearest lil sister

A single advice for you

You’re the toughest person I ever knew

But you don’t need to wear “the toughest girl” facade

All day long

Sometimes, its okay to show the weakness baby girl

'Cause that's just show we mere human and sometimes we’re wrong

I am sorry that I never tried to fill the gap between us

'Cause But never forget that I love you

With all my heart

And baby sometime it’s okay to shed your stress

Always be strong, like you are

And accept my apologies

So, you can forgive me from your heart

Hey my li'l bro

I know we fought all day long

But our petty fight, entertain us all

Now lemme share a secret with you

You're smart, intelligent

And the funniest guy i knew

But mum loves me more than you

Please accept that

'Cause that’s the truth

Hey brother jokes apart

Please take care of yourself

When I am afar

Please change the company you’re having

Those are not the type of guys

You should be with hanging

I am sorry I am saying goodbye now

But please take care of mum and dad

'Cause you’re the one whom they rely now

My beloved big sis

I don't know what to say

You're my mentor my mother and my life

I am dying and i am still scared…..of you

'Cause I know that you''ll fight with god

To bring me back

I know that much you love me

And i love you too

But i am sorry

It's the last time i am writing to you

Hey bestie please

Don't be disappointed on me

That I didn't share my suffering with you

'Cause I know

There's a lot in your plate too

Wish you luck and strength

So that you can fight with all the pain

Please take my goodbye

And be happy for me

'Cause I am ending my suffering

My love, you know i love you

But I am sorry that i never told you

That how much you mean to me

I know i am being selfish by leaving you behind all alone

But i know you are stronger than my coward soul

Your love keeps me through in my worst time

But i apologise

That now i am going to close my eye

Last request to you all

Don’t come to the graveyard to meet me

Please be happy and listen to your heart

If you ever wanna feel me

Just close your eye

And feel

I am the beat in your heart

I am the air which kiss your forehead with love

I am in the fragrance of the flower

And I am the rain, who touch you with love

I know its end for you

But its new beginning for me

It not a good bye forever

It's, next time, please meet me

A very serious note

I don’t support suicide

I just show the twisted way of death : suicide

We all have regrets, confessions,

Secrets and some things we never shared to anyone

Just imagine, you’re dying and you feel

Your shoulders are too heavy, with your

Regrets, secrets and things you want to tell your love ones

Before you sleep for good

I wonder if I die like right now what would be my last word to my family

So, guys that would be my last words

I know it's bit long

But please give a read

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