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Such Things

Such Things

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Such things happen to others

Not to me

Because I am protected by

The exclusive vaccine of the privileged

Such things are those we read about

In the newspaper

Things which provide rich content

For our social posturing

Over wine, vodka and hors d'oeuvres

Such things never come home

Because there's an invisible power

That bars their entry

Over the hallowed thresholds

Of our well-decorated homes


Such things invade the sacred bastions

Of upper-class societies

Albeit through the ignorance

And nonchalance

Of the highly educated

Till our thresholds do become impregnable

Not by the virus

But by our neighbors, friends, families

And all we are left with

Is anticipation

Of five minutes

Of beating a plate

In appreciation of those we often malign

For wasting five minutes of our time

In a crowded doctor's chamber

Such things are here

And they're real

And fine clothes and finer accents

Are not protection enough

To shield us

From this great leveler

That scorns at SEC demarcations

And places everyone in the same category

That of the helpless, the unmindful and the ignorant

Such things are here

To wake us up from somnambulation

Take heed

The Earth is purifying itself

And unless you give it due respect

Such things can penetrate your ivory tower

And remind you

That mortality is the only reality

Of our carefully curated lives

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