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Pearl Jain



Pearl Jain




1 min

The day when I met you, 

I didn't think it will go so far...

It just started while having fun with you,

But now my laughter is more real when it is with you .

I just have lill crush on you,

But wherever I go I want to share the weather of that place with you.

I just have lill crush on you,,

But my heart smiles whole day if it by chance it gets some happy minutes with you.

I know our journeys are totally different,

But then I think there is always a reason why you cross my path or I do yours.

I know it is so strange,

But every good story I read , I want you to read it too.

I know brain is always right and it tells me that we are not each other's type,

But yet there is something so special I'm always drawn to you.

I know it hardly matters to you,

But every bit of me remembers you.

I don't want to spend my life with you,

But Y my heart wants a few moments when I matter hell alot to you!

I know its good to let it be a poem

Or else I know I will fall for you..

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