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Anindya Kargupta

Romance Drama


Anindya Kargupta

Romance Drama



2 mins 423 2 mins 423

Paint me today, will you?

Like one of your muses

Let the colours make love to me

And mask all your bruises?

Imagine me in silhouettes

Or sketch me if you like

Let my shadow reveal it all

Like there is nothing left to hide

Come here, sit close to me

For as long as you please

Look into my eyes like never before

I hope they make you feel at ease

Let the shades be subtle

Maybe just black and white

Where colours don’t fit in, you know

But anything in grey seems just right

Come here, talk to me the whole day

About all that you wish for

All that comes to your mind

About all that you left behind

Make me reside in that canvas of yours

Like this is where I belong

Like I was destined to be here this way

From the very beginning, all along

Let this remind you of everything

Everything you crave to reminisce

All that might fade into oblivion

Almost anything that makes sense

Don’t walk away as soon as you are done

Be there for an hour or two, maybe more

While I find reasons to make you stay

And not watch you leave, through that very door

Come here, listen to me

Cause there’s a lot that you should know

Or just stay lost staring at my lips

For one last time, can you do so?

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