So Lost and Confused

So Lost and Confused

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Sometimes I feel like I am on the top of the world

At times I just want to escape reality so in my blanket I remain curled

Many times I smile without any reason

But it only takes some amount of over-thinking to change the season…

Sometimes its bliss and sometimes its thunder-storm

It’s only a matter of a few moments that my thoughts change their form

A frown is also turned upside down into a smile

But for me, stress and tension never goes out of style

In sorrow, I laugh at my misery

I also have a habit of finding happiness at the times of tragedy

I am courageous and strong

But I am also weak and many times tend to be wrong

My speculations are in-fact my aspirations

No wonder I don’t lack inspiration…

Yet I have the capacity to get depressed without giving a second thought

At the expense of my sanity, because of the bulk of confusion that I’ve brought  

I hold myself accountable, but I’m also conveniently excused

I am so lost and confused…

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