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Manisha Mishra

Abstract Tragedy


Manisha Mishra

Abstract Tragedy

She Was A Woman

She Was A Woman

1 min

Where are your bangles?

It jostled against her wrists,

and restricted her from writing,

and typing on the keyboard,

of her new computer.

She had not worn a single one,

till she was compelled to.

She had to!

She was a woman.

Aren’t you supposed to part your hair

and wear 'sindoor'?

The red powder caused her allergy,

she did not enjoy,

sporting the red liquid either.

She had to!

She was a woman.

You do not appear married!

Without a 'mangalsutra',

around your neck,

to show you belong.

She did not like wearing one

She had to!

After all, she was a woman.

Where is your 'bindi' today?

Aren’t you married?

What has marriage got to do with

wearing a bindi, she thought.

She sometimes liked,

her lonely forehead.

But she had to,

she was a woman.

How can you wear sleeveless blouses?

How can you talk in such a loud voice?

How can you sit with your legs parted?

Did you dare to answer back?

What? You ate non-veg on Thursdays?

You did not fast? You returned so late?

Why didn’t you wake up early?

Ohh! Why did you not create rice powder designs on the floor?

Why did you not impart good values to your daughter?

And how can you still wear colored clothes after the demise of your husband?

Where is your ‘Sanskriti’?

Alas! You forget! You are an Indian woman.

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