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Somya Tiwari

Inspirational Others Children


Somya Tiwari

Inspirational Others Children



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Hiding the truth which we cannot see....

The blood sacrificed in its service....

The eyes that were shut before the final wish....!

Each iota of air that we breathe...

Is their gift that we blindly receive....

The flowers that pour from the flag so lavishly....

Hold their tears and years many....!

Freedom was never a possession we had....

Until they toiled and died a death so sad...

Civilized class that we are today....

We don't have a minute of attention anyway

To stand and revere the national anthem...

But those heroes gave their lives in martyrdom....

Bartering their lives for our freedom....!!!


Saffron to renounce,

Dharma spins in peaceful white

Soil gives green for life.

The Indian flag- Tiranga- meaning Tricolour has three horizontal bars of colours saffron, white and green embossed in the middle with a Navy blue Ashok Chakra (wheel)

Saffron or orange denotes valour and selflessness, renunciation and absolution of ego.

White is for honesty, purity and peace. Symbolic of light to guide our conduct on path of truth.

Green is for faith, fertility and prosperity. It represents life and happiness by virtue of Earth and soil on which all life is dependant.

In centre is blue coloured wheel with 24 spokes represents truth and dharma, wheel denotes motion that keeps us moving forward and represents dynamism of peaceful change Tricolour flutters pompously...

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