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When I think of grandma

The memory is very faint

She told me so many stories

To me, she was like a saint.

One of the stories I cherished

Is about a child with pure soul

He loved to help other people

Than play with toys or a doll.

A sage came to their village

Under a statue, he was preaching

The child became his follower

Listening carefully about what he is teaching.

Someone asked the sage

Whose statue is this

Sage smiled and told them

This is a man of god's wish.

Will devout his life for the village

And heaven it will become

He will live in this village

Help you all, not just some.

Like all the other people

Child had faith in what he said

Whosoever came to the village

''It's that man'', he believed in his head.

With so many beautiful things

A merchant came there

After selling all the things

He was gone, no one knows where.

Then a king came to the village

But also gone in a few days

This time also thought ''it's him''

Now started losing faith in sage.

Meanwhile he was working hard

But he was not so greedy

He used to help the poor

And always there for the needy.

He was a generous man

Never said no to the poor

He would help everyone

Whosoever came, for sure.

People of the village

Started calling him god

He said no, don't say it

To me, it looks very odd.

Now he was a married man

To his son, he was talking

His son told him something

Near the statue, they were walking.

He was stunned to hear

It just came out of the blue

What his son just told him

''Father, the statue looks just like you''

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