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Guneet Sidhu

Abstract Drama


Guneet Sidhu

Abstract Drama



2 mins 50 2 mins 50

Bloated; the feeling of you getting filled with the same things of the world

Old from not finding something new to make you feel young

Daily you thrive to make your life of interest to others, but mostly yourself

Yielded by emotions, that has diminished your pride

Other hopes have come about and gone with your procrastination

Floating inside your head, so when your body is caught you have gone

Time always a cheating mistress, but you always felt you could get more out of her

Hauling your depressions, to remind you of different kinds of sadness; masochistic

Evening light is the best, cause you are not fully viewed

Letting go of your childhood has made you forget enjoyment of silly things

Inner self is slowly crawling more into his inner self which is crawling to nothing

Violent are your fist that you feel vibrate every time in your anger

Intentionally seeking attention, bad not a good whore at it

Null is now your favorite word

Going with out a goal

It has swallowed you whole whatever it is...

Never mind returning bliss

Thinking about all the good times you could have, but you went ahead and missed

How much more self loathing are you going to give?

Even children get over scrapped knees

Having nothing but to agree to self-pity

Open your mind and eat the many things that should be searched

Use your will again, instead of a pulse to keep living

Sense your self once more and maybe you love will also

Everything could be something

Ogre lurking inside must be killed by your own sword

Forgive and the apologies will feel like candy in your mouth

Timidness is not an option

Help yourself do more than just thrive!

Eager are the types of happiness that are waiting

Doubt should not let you sit

Elope your mind and body together

Adjusted to much to be a copy; so unnoticeable

Death comes at the end, not during.

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