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Sravani Katta



Sravani Katta


Oh, Boy!

Oh, Boy!

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You are so caring and gentle that have many charms

My heart really sings when I'm wrapped in your arms;

In this enormous world, with you is where I belong

Oh, I know it, I admit it as I can endure it so strong.

We will be having rough days, ups and downs

Not only smiles for eternal, but also full of frowns;

Fights will arise and enrage might also thrive

Yet, let's try to assure that our love will survive.

With you, my heart will get the will in distress

My mind gets the power to overcome the hurdles;

So, if love can stay strong if it's tested on the fire

Then we'd share a future that most would admire.

You are my sun, shines brightly throughout day

You are my gravity, holds me down in every way;

You are my moon, shimmers throughout my night,

You are my lucky star, always twinkles with so bright.

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