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Oh Boy..!

Oh Boy..!

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Oh boy,
You are a seed growing in my heart.
The flower of love that bloomed right from the start.
This feeling of endless bliss I never wanna fall apart.

Oh boy,
You whispered me the sweet love and romance.
My hearts, rhythmic and soothing dance.
The essence of love and the one true source.
Dear, I can't be anything but yours.

Oh boy,
The dreams I've for you are so vivid and clear.
My heart saying that we are gonna celebrate the
Love of our life with full of cheer
Hoping that they'd never disappear

Oh boy,
All I wish is to see you smile.
As nobody could match your style.
Want to talk with you for a while.

Oh boy,
The angels sing in my heart when you're near
Should I say, you are my pioneer?
Dear, within your arms, I've nothing to fear

Oh boy,
Keep me warm, it is damn cold
Give me a hand to hold
Dear, our love's never gonna be old

Oh boy,
You are just adorable
Without you, life's so unimaginable
Because you are simply remarkable

Oh boy,
My heart wiggles at your very sight
I'm all elevated and it feels so right
Yet, am still waiting for your invite.

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