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Utkarshini Singh



Utkarshini Singh




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The anger in your eyes are doors to heaven,

O'mother you are absolutely a graven.

Your harshly spoken words are a shower of petals,

O'mother behind those words are footprints of struggles.

Your tears are like the stream of holy Ganges,

Whosoever speaks ill of you will be razed.

The bitterness of your slap,

Comes with sweetness of your lap.

O'mother I assure you your words are never outspoken,

When you slap me I know your heart is broken.

Your love is heaven's caring arms,

Your heart's warmth protects me from every harm.

I remember the nights when you didn't sleep,

Just to pacify me and my weeps.

There is an undying love in eyes,

You have always rubbed the sore eyes that cried.

Your anger on me is my ladder to success,

You are the one who always support me in distress.

You have fought the harshness of world all your life,

O'mother that is why you are strongest woman alive.

You are best mother of all,

Soft as flower and hard as wall.

You taught me how to become a good human being,

O' mother I always pray for your well being.

To every project, you are the solution,

Mom you smile is my salvation.

Dear mother, you always show me the right way,

O'mother, to you a very happy special Mother's Day.

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