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My Last Master Piece

My Last Master Piece

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My last wish is to fly high

I take off but could not fly

The world has clipped my wings

They broke all my strings

My physical fragment reaches the ground

But my soul nowhere around.

I am the person that no one will know

Until down this window, I bow

Suddenly I will be the talk of the town

When needed I was left deep down

I'll be free after I jump

The ink of judgement will start to pump.

I won't regret for the last thing I did

Trying to reach the Shore from the mid

Kept quiet didn't share my feelings

Where did little five year old went running

Even the fittest won't survive for a while

If hope is away by one thousand mile

I'm just one tired soul

Telling to other tired soul

Suicide is not the answer

You can deal with this cancer

But here I cover my HEART

Feel The Beat before I DEPART

And take off this prickly CART


You prepare the number CHART

And me, the master piece of ART

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