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Monalisa Guje

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Monalisa Guje

Drama Inspirational Others

My India, My Pride

My India, My Pride

1 min 186 1 min 186

Memories go back to the day,

Of 1999 and the third of May,

Until then all seemed so fine

And you crossed the LOC line.


Then you caught our five soldiers

Gave them pain and multiple fractures,

Uprooted their teeth and tore their eyes

Put hot iron rods into the ears and heard their cries.

After giving continuous pain 

Almost dead and strength drained,

Then you sent that bodies as a gift

 And now was a war at a Swift.


The war began 

and continued then,

for 2 months 3 weeks and 2 days

 Then at last, it was then a nation's praise.


Lost our heroes five hundred twenty seven

They fought to make our country like heaven,

Politely were returning you, your dead soldiers 

But you were scared of the exposures.

You had no dare to claim them 

may be the failure brought you shame,

 But we Indians are not like you 

And your betrayal hope we knew.

 The bodies you denied

 The Indian Army buried,

 With a Maulvi and all rituals

 And this was pretty unusual.


Pains you gave to our soldiers we won't ever forget

But remember your soldiers we buried with respect, 

This makes my nation known worldwide

My India, My country - is my pride.

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