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Sadhana B

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Sadhana B

Inspirational Others

My Dear Teacher

My Dear Teacher

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My dear teacher,

You are not only my teacher.

You are my mentor.

You are my inspiration.

You are my supporter,

You are my helper,

You are my best friend.

You are answer to my every question.

You are my guider.

You are my life maker.

You are my personality designer.

You are my family.

You are my saviour.

You are my executive.

You are my superior.

You are my believer.

You are my analyser.

You are my tester.

You are my senior.

You are my guide.

You are my guardian.

You are my everything when I am nothing when I am something you are everything.

I would like to say a thank you for your sacrifice effort selflessness your patience your kindness your help.

Ho, my dear teacher how would I say thank you to only taught me to say thank you to one who helps you.

But you are the one who makes me it's a very small word to say to you still thank you my dear teacher............

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