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Vanisha Gupta

Drama Tragedy


Vanisha Gupta

Drama Tragedy



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There sat a calm, serene medical student,

He had shifts, he had rounds to go to,

The patients to check, the doctors to assist,

He was sitting straight and tall,

His goals, dreams, ambitions, wishes,

It was there, it all stood just right in front of his eyes,

His face was yet pale now,

The dream catcher couldn't filter he had nightmares, he was sensitive,

There were patients, they come and go, not happily necessarily,

Some stay for years unconscious, he couldn't empathize them all,

Trying hard, it was his dream, his duty, yet some depart permanently,

He stayed put always,

Only this time, this moment, it wasn't a stranger, the patient,

"Oh, mother!" he sobs,

He couldn't suffer anymore,

His endurance had failed him,

The ship had sunk, his degrees couldn't,

They couldn't set the sales again,

It's over, his only family abandoned him,

He stood, wiping his glistening tears,

He said "it's ok, they, my patients need me"

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