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Rosy Gomes



Rosy Gomes


Me And My Life

Me And My Life

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The pages of my life,

Renders me a moment to pause and cry.

Not just I’m sad, but what I have acquired,

In the midst of this verdict which was never desired.

Taught me to be serene,

In the lap of nature,

I feel as if I’m a queen,

Never I have gained suck skills,

Which put me in an ocean full of thrills.

It is a sluggish one,

As it has its own game to be won.

The game I’m unaware,

Don’t know what all I am going to bear,

But yes I’m prepared to bear and share.

I ask myself, are my dreams still alive,

I bet it didn’t conclude,

I hope it does not go kaput,

Because life is not so esurient,

It’s full of valuable nutrients,

Healthy enough to boost you up with proteins.

The changes in me tend to reflect,

That there’s something which seems to defend.

My instinct is what shoulders me,

In this epoch of containment which nurtures me.

Has taught me to live and reap,

Learn and excel, do, and see.

See how I was, see how am I now,

What novel have you learned?

Can you summarize what you have actually earned?

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