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Love Letter

Love Letter

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Only a piece of paper!

Perhaps, there’s no taker.

No, see carefully,

And not fearfully.

This is papa’s letter

Thinking of you, for you

Always better.

I tried, but couldn’t write

The tears flowed all the night.

And inscribed my love on this paper

Wishing for you always better.

It’s not blank, so don’t tear

Something is saying every tear.

When I was blessed with you, my life

I’m still unable to thank my wife.

I couldn’t forget anything,

So what, you forgot everything.

I still feel the warmth

Of your tiny fingers in my hand.

And the impressions of your

Little steps in my heart.

I still feel your feathery weight

On shoulders of mine.

I still feel you swinging on my back

Having my lunch and dine.

My son, you always delighted me

And made me laugh.

When you stood

First in the class.

You made me laugh even,

When you cried

On finishing last.

That you couldn’t run so fast.

Then I enjoyed your

Babbling beats.

Complaining that

They all are cheats.

Though grown old,

My body still craves for you

To run your toy-cars.

Where you found plain and hills

Highways, tunnels, steep rises and falls.

Which gave you joy and thrills.

O my son!

My legs are waiting

You to hug them.

And waiting my back,

You rode then.

Living for you and

Dying for you,

O my son,

I love you.

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