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Hishita Lakhani

Drama Romance


Hishita Lakhani

Drama Romance

Long Distance Relationship!!

Long Distance Relationship!!

1 min 13 1 min 13

Right now you may be a thousand miles away,

But you are the only one who makes my heart sway,

This isn’t going to be easy for the both of us I know,

But what I believe is that when we meet next we will be stronger and closer than before!!

I wait eagerly all day for us to share our moments and talk,

I’m actually counting days till the time we can hold hands and walk,

Every day on a video call when I see that beautiful smile on your face,

My heart skips a beat and it runs at such a fast pace!!

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me,

I hope you know that you are as special as can be,

I miss you like crazy like the deserts miss the rain,

But right now I guess we have no choice, we are in vain!! 

Every morning I tell myself, that we are only one day closer to seeing each other again,

And this is what actually gives me the power to love you from afar, until we meet again!!

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