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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Samuel Dsouza

Drama Tragedy Action


Samuel Dsouza

Drama Tragedy Action



2 mins 228 2 mins 228

In the many years that I have seen,

Hatred, anger, and disgust are my friendly beings,

From my very own I felt the best,

None other than the ones I have from my crest.

Two years now that I was made to choose sides,

Both are right and both are wrong, both are my parent’s cries,

I & brother I struck in the tides hatred and pain,

We want to laugh, we want to happy but it hard work to gain.

None of them understand what they putting us through,

It worth nothing mom and dad why is this you do,

I really feel that they should die,

So that I and brother can live in peace of sigh.

But always I pray to God for health and for them to patch,

But like rusted door latch they would not snatch

Each of them feels they are right,

Seriously love has lost its place in their life.

To have love in my life has always been a distinct dream,

Since I was never in love since my Teens,

I heard a lot about love and its weary ways.

But it never struck my heart in any way.

People say love sweet and loving kind

Also, some say that love makes you blind

No matter if the world is against you

Love gives you courage and stands with you.

With so much power in my stride,

With love, I can rule the world in pride

But the never shall pride overpower love

I die a thousand deaths,

Millions of curses are labeled to my name,

But I still laugh at it, since I am so used to the pain

None another has made these spells,

But the one's from whom I born

Who now tells to take sides?

To whom I do really belong.

I bore the curse on me,

Living to this day

Will the spell wear off or rather swell?

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