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Vyanjana Tyagi



Vyanjana Tyagi


Live Your Life

Live Your Life

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Let us take a moment 

To cherish those memories 

The one filled with laughter

And the one that would leave the elders with worries.

They all have a value

In one way or another

Being scolded by dad

Or being loved by your mother.

Fighting with your sibling

Or supporting each other in bad times

Saying you hate them

Those are the sibling love signs.

Everybody reaches a point

Where they wish this never existed 

But on losing those beloved 

They want it all twisted.

Yes, those moments and people are idolized 

But the sad truth, they aren't eternal

If you have the chance, just live them

Otherwise, it would just be some words in a journal.

Not everyone is lucky enough

To have those moments throughout 

Collect the beautiful memories

Pouring the bad ones out.

Pass the word

"Live your life!"

Loving the ones who care for you

Enjoying the drive!

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