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Sucharita Parija

Abstract Drama


Sucharita Parija

Abstract Drama

Life Lessons

Life Lessons

2 mins

Do you think about yourself:

Day in and out, all the time?

Do you stare at your breath:

Every waking hour, every day?

Why do you follow life's way:

To analyze its unusual trail?

The people in my real world:

They play multiple roles here.

Their arrival was without me,

To the world where I live,

Yet they will depart early,

Some may even go without telling.

Will the world pause after it?

No, It will move on as usual.

My life will not cease to go,

With the departed ones.

Even the loved one's life:

It will not end with my going.

Life is full of fleeting periods,

The moving times are ideal.

It has its own ups and downs,

Life dazzles with its appeal,

Even throwing a shy glance,

Who knows about its plans?

Some moments were good,

Others passed in a trance,

Life was never exactly easy,

The struggles were infinite,

Golden times passed through,

Just in the blink of an eye.

The sun did not deceive us,

It came after a stormy time,

The moon shines every night,

Rising from behind the black clouds.

Tragic incidents pulled us back,

Some moments sat heavily on us,

We halted in our daily scenario,

Time flew by as swiftly as breath, 

But we could not move ahead,

Alas! We did not catch anything,

From the sun and the moon.

Estate, Houses, Wealth, Gadgets,

Degrees, Apparels, Designs,

Everything made us happy,

But the days raced ahead.

Spouse, Children, Parents,

They were left behind in life,

Did I reach out to all of them?

Still, wondering when had they sought me?

Did I share my burdens,

With all my well-wishers?

Had I opened my heart,

To close buddies?

It was important that time,

To unburden my acute pain,

Did I open my soul to a few,

I do not recollect anything!

All the life lessons so far,

Has my assessment been correct?

It was an essentially testing time,

When I spent nights crying.

With the dawn of self-realization,

It has cleared my foggy vision.

My purpose on this planet,

It is distinct from my dreams.

All my childhood thoughts,

They are not relevant now.

I have to be more generous,

Even more steady at times.

It's not easy to fly above clouds,

Like an eagle does when it rains,

It isn't easy to keep yourself calm,

With the hostile circumstances.

But I can try to be less rigid,

Because this time too shall pass.

Let me not dwell much on life,

I can do as much till I exist,

The world is in a great mess,

We are going through a crisis,

The future images look harsh,

Staying positive is not easing,

With the intense pain in the heart.

I am soaking in the sunshine,

Today looks gorgeous,

I try to move further,

Far away from distress,

From the world of desperation.

Let life give cheer or anguish,

I will stand firm on my feet,

Till my very last breath.

But why?

Because I don't want any other choice,

But to move on in life.

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