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Pinal Chauhan



Pinal Chauhan


Just Because...

Just Because...

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She failed in exams- she isn't dumb

She has fewer friends- she isn't introvert

She speaks less- she isn't shy

She is a Tomboy- she hasn't forgotten being a woman

She doesn't apply makeup- she is still beautiful

She is out of shape- she is still confident

She is outspoken- she isn't rude

She sacrificed her likes- she isn't scared of dreaming big

She is broadminded- she isn't forward

She wears shorts, drinks or smokes- she isn't characterless

She has male friends more than females- she isn't available

She is mentally abused- she isn't a coward

She is raped- she still has her identity

She sleeps with the man she likes- she isn't a whore

She is used in the name of love- she isn't a toy

She is divorced- she is not gonna take his shit

She is single- she is independent

She fights for her rights- she is strong

Stop judging her

She just doesn't give a damn

If you do- it's because your life is just about 'me'

Just don't bother- She is NOT your cup of tea

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