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It Doesn't Matter

It Doesn't Matter

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Missed the bus doesn’t matter, let’s catch the next one.

Marks, less doesn’t matter, let’s learn.

Life is full of problem doesn’t matter, let’s face them.

The trusted one betrayed, doesn’t matter, let’s take it as a lesson.

The interviewer rejected the profile, doesn’t matter, let’s put in the effort.

The entire world laughs, doesn’t matter, let our success laugh at them.

The boss scolds you doesn’t matter, let us face, a critique.

The expenses grow, doesn’t matter, let us learn cost-cutting.

Encountered with a disastrous disease, doesn’t matter, let’s make the loved ones safe.

Worry is the energy that gets dissipated while leading a life,

One cannot become a theoretical insulated flask but of course

We can reduce the dissipation by having No Problem attitude.

Life is a battle that starts with sperm and ends up in life.

Few things are in our hands, and others are out of our capability.

It doesn’t matter till the inner self propels you against the external forces for welfare.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

There a thin line between confidence and overconfidence.

Battle for the things that can be possessed, without hurting others,

But don’t battle by invading other's personal space as it does matter.

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