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Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj



Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj




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Near the sea shore,

The roaring music of the splashing waters

Were relating an irrevocable story of the waves

That had travelled long long miles

To feel the nearness of the shore.

The hard shores splashed them back

Towards the unknown destiny.

For ages together, travelling from one shore to another,

The waves wanted a sigh of relief now.

Suddenly,the waves found a weak gate along the hard shores and quietly,

they escaped through the green blends and huge towers,

Towards a huge crowd of living and non-living structures.

Frantically, The waves made their way onward and onward,

Enjoying their freedom from the shores.

On moving further, knowingly, unknowingly

The waves moved on and on, making their way

In all directions...

Alas! The waves were infact

Distracting the habitat of Living and non living masses..

Ah! the waves suddenly heard,

human cries And the splashing sounds of huge trees and four walled structures.

All were relating the story of an unknown destruction.

The waves felt numb with the scene that related the story of misery.

The waves felt ashamed of the destruction caused to those, Who never ever had crossed their track

Advertently, inadvertantly..

With bewildered thoughts, the waves rushed and rushed to find an exit from the green blends,

Suddenly, they saw the mouth of a big stream

Opening its arms towards them.

Frantically, moving on and on,

Thoughts Deep in their mind,

The waves knew, they had to cross the track

Of hard rocks, high or low peaks,

to be one with their own peers,

In their original destination,

Where from, in perception they had escaped

To take a sigh of relief.

After Joining their own world, looking behind,

The waves saw a surprise and pain,

In the looks of the uprooted greens and,

Dull human faces,

With a question in their eyes,

"What was the reason for their assaultation?"

The waves cursed the moment, they had crossed the weak gate.

To them, the world outside seemed to be more colourful, easy and secure, happy and relieved.

Alas! in their illusion, they had challenged the Nature's will.

The life outside the shores was not their destiny.

Their hard work, forming waves on still waters was in fact,

A Life resource, for many and many.

The waves had gradually lost their pace.

With bossom ruptured, and shame reflecting from their motion,

The waves took a deep sigh, for going against

"The Law of Nature”.

But now, except "Repentance" nothing was in their hands.

Slowly and silently, the waves surged ahead,

Carrying in their bossom,Human cries,

painful chirping of the wounded and terrified birds,

Widely gazing eyes of uprooted greens.

Tired and thoughtful,

The waves again set their goal,

To be a part of huge waters,

Forming waves and travelling long distances,

But this time, with supreme insight and deep understanding,

That "Nature, howsoever, is challenged, is beyond anybody’s reach"

Nature is “Constant, Nature is Definite” and so are its “laws”

Going against it, is inviting confusions and creating “Flaws”

“Respecting Nature” means “Respecting Universe”,

With its different colours and presence,” Diverse”……

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