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Samvit Mavinkurve



Samvit Mavinkurve


Human Beings

Human Beings

2 mins 6.5K 2 mins 6.5K

A species of emotionally strong beings,

Who try to fly without their wings.

To succeed is their need,

For their family they need to feed.

They often portray they are all happy and gay,

Though their thoughts go another way,

Wondering what other people may say.

Lost in their own dreams,

From birth to death, their world streams.

Such are the species called human beings.

The shine of the sun would one day die,

And yet, no one would cry!

They would blame Him for losing His gift

And between the humans and the sun,

Would begin a rift!

The character of a man can seldom be judged at first sight.

Is his mind black or white?

In a human lies an arrogant creature,

A human's worst feature.

An obsession for earning money,

For which they can even commit felony.

But we can't stop them,

This magnificent gem called human beings.

They'll not cry forever for someone.

Soon this incident, they will try to forget.

And they would succeed

For, it is a need

For, a thought should not disturb a mind for long.

If such bad thoughts for long throng,

The man would fall in a melancholy mood,

And will lose all the good thoughts;

But all men have a few good thoughts,

Which many changes to the world has brought.

Such are the good characteristics of the species called human beings.

A creature like man only few,

With much skill can review.

Man is such a unique creature,

Whose characteristics person to person differ.

But what more can I say of them?

This magnificent gem,

Called human beings!

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