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Shijil Paleri

Romance Classics Inspirational


Shijil Paleri

Romance Classics Inspirational



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A table, its two sides, me and my Diya

Having coffee or a date? Just Yeah

We met through an online channel

Life changed, and no more personal

Seeing you smiling

Those small white teeth shining

You let your curly hairs fly

And that made me shy.

Could see that fringe, disturbing our sight

You just pulled it back and looked bright

Me looking deep into your black eyes

Oh God, let this time freeze for ages.

You dressed perfectly

I feel lucky, actually

You smiled at me again,

God, How can I sustain?

I would dive into an ocean for you

Just a command, I do

Everyone has a choice to make

I hope right one, you take

Holding your hand, walking free

Looked around, I just saw a tree

Should we sit down, for a while

Or should we walk by

You wished to sit down,

Did I lose, If dusk or dawn?

Barely caring anything around,

Our hands made some bond.

The night is dark, to be

I looked up for stars to see,

Just lost in those deep shining eyes

Your smile just brought another crisis.

You wished to go back

I agreed without a hack

And now we two,

A life, it's two-part, me and Diya

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