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M Pranshu Tanaya



M Pranshu Tanaya


Chaos And Turmoil

Chaos And Turmoil

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She glared at him, eyes filled with rage.

Her cornea reddened by the tears of betrayal.

The once grinning lips now bent down.

When she saw past his sweet words.

His head hung low in the pretense of shame.

She read through his mind and looked up with contempt.

A trillion questions blazing and brewing,

Making the heat within utterly irresistible.

But she never burst into a fit of rebuke.

She seemed to be a tranquil ocean to the onlookers.

She didn't want a scene but deep inside every thought was revolting.

And because it was her, she calmed the storm down.

The sense of being let down was too hard for her.

She let her pearls flow and as they trickled down,

With trembling lips, she managed to utter a "Why?"

No. She never expected an answer.

She grabbed his hands tightly as if never wanting to let them go.

The hands that caressed her, 

The hands that veiled her with warmth,

She stared down at them for, what she thought, was the last time.

Then and there she resolved not to let herself be cuddled again with ease.

She looked into the depth of his eyes.

She wanted to dig out every reason.

She wanted to tear him open and find everything within him.

And while she was staring beneath his eyes,

She saw a glint of remorse and regret.

She caught a glimpse of dejection and guilt.

She could read helplessness in his pupils.

She didn't break that gaze.

She was perplexed.

She wanted to know.

She felt the urge to decipher.

He slowly released his hands-free from her grip.

Looking at her, meanwhile wondering if it was their last time together.

He turned the other way round and strode with tiny steps,

Aware of her eyes constantly upon him.

His head hung low, hands dangling,

His hair slightly swayed with the breeze.

As he walked away, she felt her soul parting from her body.

Only a tinge of his perfume remained in the air, engulfing it.

She rushed, she ran towards him with a sudden fury of speed.

She blocked his path and stood panting before him, breathless.

He looked straight into her face in astonishment.

He was amazed if she guessed the circumstances without any cue.

She regained herself and pulled him into her embrace.

Without any protest, he subsided into her hands.

Now, she could sense that warmth again, that was the same but altogether different.

He could feel his sensations failing him.

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