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sunil saxena

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sunil saxena

Drama Others



2 mins 222 2 mins 222

The commentators choose a needle in a haystack, Bimbo

To be a mediator, among the players, commentators, spectators, and others

The Bimbo, with a loose lid on top and a head full of iron, But you are a beauty

We listen to every word you say

What you do not know

We pay no attention to what you say

We do not let your words pass through from our one ear to another

Because that would still leave some words 

Of what you say in our head

But you can try shouting, in one of our ears

To push through some of your words, thru our head

But I don’t think, that will work either

We just deflect your words, out from our one ear

Even before they ask for entry

But, you are great, you are fantastic, you are marvelous

But, you are Bimbo

We are the naughty beetles

Understand the emotion, do not only read the words

You are a good soul

And that is what matters

You do not wither, even under the intense pressure

And pass the Pratham test with sky high colors

We bow to you in full respect and regard

You are Bimbo

You gargle and sputter and mumble and grumble

But you still don’t understand, what you talk about

But we, still, respect you, high and mighty, for your Third Degree Ignorance

You are Bimbo

You make a mess of a cake, thinking it to be pie

You burn your lips but blow your fingers

You are the best when it comes to Nonsense

But we still do our best to make some sense out of it

For, you are a Beauty, with a Good Soul

You may not be an Apsara, you may not be a Dream Girl

But you are the Best among the Best

When it comes to be a Good Soul

You are Proud Bimbo

You are one of the kind

A needle in a hay stack

You are Bimbo

We are the naughty beetles

And don’t give us two, under our ears

that would hurt, and print a world map on our cheeks

you are Bimbo

Best of the Best, when it comes, to be a Good Soul

But you are Bimbo

Hail all Bimbo – the Good Souls that they are

The Best of the Best, when it comes, to be a good soul

The Bimbo

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