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Naila Hina

Romance Fantasy Inspirational


Naila Hina

Romance Fantasy Inspirational

Beauty Rises With Dawn

Beauty Rises With Dawn

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How do you know exactly 

Where I am on this sphere 

And outer space if you are 

Not him and why would you 

Prefer to be millions miles

Away?! One should not come 

Inside the red zones of others 

Give space to take space 

Inviting a bull to hit you is 

As dangerous as being a 

Part of the vicious circles

 You asked for it always! 

How do you have love letters 

Double signed by your past

If you are not the one yourself 

Who received it decades ago 

I have plenty of love letters

 And I stopped going out after 

You, and couldn't go to buy 

But created things by myself 

For you, the pictures of love,

 Perfumes, CD and sweet date

Rather than appreciation for 

Gifts, you analyzed if it's bought 

New or old, not giving much 

Thought to message it carried

"Beauty rises with dawn" but

 You are a dreamer and see

The Dawn even before it comes 

And so the punishment of a 

Dreamer is, dawn comes early! 

Love burns everything except 

The beloved but you kept me 

Inside the Inferno, while yourself 

Swimming in sweet waters

 And giving love lessons to life! 

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