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Nikhil Maturi



Nikhil Maturi


Around The World

Around The World

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They circumnavigate the world and bask in its glory

They travel around the world in search of History

Live their life wanting to see the world around them

They have a desire to discover and see the world in their brightest colours

With the aspiration to see they flock to landmarks however they can

Whether they come in car or train, flight or ship the eagerness to come will force them anyway

They shuffle around the globe for rich cultures

Let it be the bright colours of India or the architecture of ancient Rome

They go out of curiosity and the thirst for knowledge and always wanting more

Living life by seeing the world

Learning about religion in the places they go to

They eat the food and learn so much more

Why not see more

They go when the time is right

Seeing the place when it shines brightly

Finding knowledge from the place when it is in triumph

They always seek more and love to travel

Living the dream by travelling across the globe.

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