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A Journey In The Mountains

A Journey In The Mountains

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All aboard! All aboard! Called my husband,

I bundled up the babies, the puppies and the bare necessities,

We boarded on a journey to the mountains, with a mood of festivities.

Singing with the roughish northerlies’,

Saying goodbyes to the temperate westerly’s.

For a while the plains, standing in green,

Waved their arms and gave us bows.

Then came the Mahanadi, silent, calm and mature,

I watched her in amazed rapture.

She had tales to tell, secrets plenty,

Depths full of treasures and bounty of beauty.

As we climbed higher saying adieu to my new friend,

Bounding came the Tiesta, rushing and gushing, company to lend.

She sparkled her charm with shapely shingle,

Tiny little droplets, showering on my face to mingle.

We went winding higher and higher in the clouds,

Gasping at the mountains, dizzying in the white shroud.

Alas! I reached my little abode, perched on a mountain top.

Looking pretty as a picture, shining like a rain drop.

I stepped in my abode, slowly opening the window,

A gust of a cool wind, wisps of fog went past like a doe.

Then I saw her, there she stood, meditating like a sage,

I kept watching her, taking her in, sitting on a ledge.

The magnificent, opulent, the mighty Kanchenjunga,

I was looking at her with wide eyes and speechless,

Trying to understand her who is indeed boundless.

She kept gazing at me with her pearlescent shine,

I was soaking in her beauty, getting drunk, as if drinking old wine.

Her beauty was mesmerizing, Bewitching was her peak,

When the sun peeped early morning,

It created a spectrum of rainbow neat.

Its rays bathed her in hues of red, pink and orange, shining like a Noor,

She sparkled like the splendid diamond Kohinoor.

She Stood still, all regale like a goddess,

Assured me most days of her mighty presence.

Tashi never let me be lonely, always was there,

Taught me lessons of survival, perseverance and fair.

The journey in the mountains, blessed me with sights of pure bliss,

Bestowed me with companions which I would always miss.

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