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Shravani, Winnie, and Namrata were good friends. They were living next to each other. Shravani was H...

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Cricket Fan

Drama Inspirational

As the match was about to begin in some time Govind's father went out to bring something to eat. Jus...

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Education And Money


A poor buy is adopted by a rich couple and his life changes forever

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Every girl has a dream to get married to the right person who will take care of her, understand her,...

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A Dream


A dream should be there not to make others jealous but to make our own self satisfied.

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Save Life


We need to save plants or trees at least for our own survival.... Save Trees Save Life.

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Time Changes


Later on, Mahesh and his wife decided to send his father to old age home as Madhu was pregnant and t...

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Money - Servant Or Master


But his contribution was not understood by the elder brother. He had taken loans from the Bank to bu...

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Voting Should Be Done Or Not?


Kulkarni and his family were living in Pune having two children i. e. son and daughter.

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A Career And A Hobby


Sagar completed his schooling in his village where he used to play a lot with his friends in the gro...

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A Scary Night


Hearing this Vishal got scared and started sweating. He went to open the door but it was locked from...

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A Soldier


This story is about the patriotism and dedication of a family towards our country

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A Family


Sanika was the one and only child of Abhay and Aruna. They were living in Pune but Abhay was having ...

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They all enjoyed and had lots of fun together....

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True Love


Every person in this world love someone directly or indirectly whether the person tells the other pe...

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Abstract Inspirational

The story of a successful girl Priya, who was tried to be pulled down by her jealous brothers.

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Being Together...


Friends are life. A friend saves another friends life by donating blood.

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Simplicity Leads To Success..

Children Stories

A corrupt mind always leads to a loss in life...

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Time Doesn't Wait For Anyone


If his parents have not looked after him then it would have become difficult for them to know what i...

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A Bond Of Love...


Swapnil was born in a middle-class family belonging from the Army background. His father used to com...

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Love of a mother...

Children Stories Drama

A love of a mother is priceless. It can't be replaced with anyone.

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Friends Forever...

Children Stories

The story shows the friendship of three friends.

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Friendship With Gorilla...

Children Stories

The story is a relation of Gorilla with a woman.

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Attraction Of Alcohol...


One day, it was Saturday Suresh was having holiday one of his friend called him and told him to came...

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Friendship With Aadivasi....

Children Stories

Sudhir was living with his parents in the village. He use to spend time with his families and enjoy ...

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Nature Lover


He noticed that there is lack of trees in the surrounding which will create problems in the future.....

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Unsuccessful Love Life

Drama Tragedy

They called her friends but no one knew where she was. After a few days, her parents came to know th...

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Nature Lover


Trees are our life we can't survive if we don't get enough oxygen for survival this will lead to fut...

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Deepali was run immediately to the hospital, Doctor looked at her and applied cream on her hands

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Raj was born with sharp mind in a poor family. His father was working as a labour at a construction...

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This story is about success.

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Journey of a life....


But this is the rule of life when one partner got died the other become lonely even if the family is...

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The Story That Doesn't Have An End


This is a story of two friends and their bonds.

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Turning Point


I was in 1st year a Debate Competition was there in the college and I took part in that competition ...

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Me And My Untold Story

Children Stories Inspirational

In the end, I came to know that life is full of struggles and problems but we need to...

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परिवार में कलह के कारण भतीजी के शादी तोड़ने का प्रयत्न करने वाले चाचा और उनके अंजाम की कहानी

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वक्त कितने जल्दी बीत जाता है..


अब घर वाले तो वहा पर जा नहीं सकते थे इसीलिए वहा का माहौल ठीक नहीं था और वहा पर जाना खतरे से कम नहीं ...

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Drama Inspirational

समाज और परिवार में बेटे-बेटियों के बीच भेदभाव करना और लड़कियाँ हर क्षेत्र में अग्रसर हैं, यही दर्...

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करवट लेती हुई जिंदगी


जीवन में बड़ी से बड़ी परेशानियों का हल है करक रोग से पीड़ित होते हुए भी हौसले और हिम्मत से बीमारी से उब...

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जहाँ मन शांत होता है ऐसी जगह


आर्मी में होने की वजह से सारी सुविधाएँ थीं, परंतु परिवार वालों को लगता था की जैसे वो बहुत पैसे वाले...

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आखिर में विवाह हो ही गया..


सही जीवन साथी उतना ही जरूरी है वरना पूरी जिंदगी बर्बाद हो सकती है।

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वापसी .


संकेत ने अपनी आगे की पढ़ाई गॉव में ही शुरू कर दी पर अब जैसे उसका पढ़ाई से मन हटने लगा था।

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अंदर की आवाज़.


कभी कभी दिल की बात भी सुन लेनी चाहिए, अंत मे सब ठीक हो जाता है।

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मैं और मेरा बूरा वक्त


असफल छात्रों में हौलसा जगाती तस्वीर।

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कुछ हसीन यादें

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

मैं एक कॉलेज में पढ़ती हूँ पर कभी सोचा नहीं था कि कोई इतना करीब आ सकता है...

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