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Jisha Rajesh   Author of the Year 2018 - Nominee

A writer by passion.

  Literary Brigadier

The World of Knowledge

Children Stories Drama

Every morning, I used to wave an enthusiastic goodbye to the kids from the neighborhood as I watched...

3    135 30

The Egg Pizza

Children Stories Comedy Drama

The reason behind my misery was my poor culinary skills. I had no idea what to cook and how to cook?

3    141 17

Me And The Little One

Children Stories Comedy Drama

It was a busy Monday morning and I was in a hurry to reach my office.

3    286 17

In Loving Memory

Tragedy Inspirational

I had lost my partner-in-crime, the moment my first creative piece won the competition

4    253 35

The Right Choice

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

One should be happy and contented with what one h

2    6 1

My Way


The story shows the writer being content with his life.

2    8 2

Are We Human?


she turned towards the kitchen without a words

3    230 47

Little Words of Love


Basu hissed his vengence out in the form of a furious sigh.

2    170 4

An Arranged Marriage

Drama Romance

I had never understood the concept of an arranged marriage till it happened to me.

3    323 23

Who Was She?

Horror Thriller

"Who are you?" Shastri shivered and tried to

7    152 15

A Forgotten Affair


As Anshu was about to go to bed again, something caught his eyes and his heart raced vi

5    18 2

The Story Spirit

Drama Crime Thriller

Aryan uncovers the truth about who murdered Vivek and his son, chirag

7    190 12

A Passionate Crime

Drama Crime Thriller

He threw quizzical glances at both the doctors and chuckled as he watched them turn pale.

7    42 2


Children Stories Drama Classics

The Goddess was pleased with his devotion and rewarded him with the pious ‘Abhyedyamani'. a gem sai...

5    141 14

A Wail from the Grave

Drama Crime Thriller

Amaya woke up screaming to find herself safely lying on her bed.

5    178 42

A Night To Remember


The next morning, I woke up early. I made a cup of coffee and went out into the courtya

6    224 2

Together Forever

Abstract Romance

She knew if she runs away from her house she will never be able to return. Her parents

3    16 1

Just Kidding

Drama Others

I'm writing this letter just to say that after all these years, I miss you

2    295 30


Drama Tragedy

Tejas and Kahina started meeting each other every night in the jungle.

7    304 12

To Be In Her Shoes


We were best friends since childhood. During those days, we were equals in everything

3    356 48

The Nuptial Knot


Their friendship bloomed into love as years passed by.

2    224 40

More Than Words To Say


I saw her for the first time among the crowd gathered in the lift of our building.

4    260 46

Fear - The Demon

Children Stories Drama

Learn to reign over your inner demons especially your fears and insecurities.

3    171 22

Words Unsaid


Even though, the couple was standing next to each other, they knew that they were miles apart from e...

5    295 42

The Hurdle

Drama Inspirational

As the pale-hued liquid escaped out of the bottle, Sahil felt like he has achieved salvation.

3    26 3

Happy Or Married?


I really don't understand what exactly do people mean when they say they are "happily married."

5    230 8

The Last Holiday

Horror Tragedy

The story speaks about a horror holiday travel experience.

6    48 5

Thicker Than Blood


Shyamlal sees the true son in Mohan, an orphan whom he loved like a son

4    285 14

Winner Of The Way

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

It was almost a fortnight since the accident. Ajay was paralyzed below the waist

7    237 36

The Wind Beneath Our Wings


Both the ladies looked at Adya as a new ray of hope touched their soul. Her words motivated them and...

8    246 18

The Penance

Drama Tragedy

Helost his father when he was 12 years old. His father was a peon and the family hardly made both en...

8    341 19

It's Love That Matters


She felt as if a burden was lifted from her soul when she realized that it was only love that matter...

7    316 32


Horror Drama

Three friends try to fool their strict hostel warden by tricking him about spirits. Does it really e...

5    321 51

Craving For A Life

Thriller Drama

Sonia was jolted up from a deep slumber by some sound....

7    344 49

In Your Heart

Abstract Tragedy

The story shows that a friend meets with an accident on the way to meet another friend and saves his...

3    166 7

The Writer Of Destiny

Tragedy Drama

With a stroke of luck and a lottery ticket, Chandu becomes a business tycoon in a big city and feels...

3    186 1

The Proposal


Chetan is in love with Nitara but proposes to Naina - why? That was the only way he could make Nitar...

2    268 4

And It Rained Again


She closed her eyes and tears drenched her face. It started raining again as the three friends wept ...

4    348 11

Mother Earth

Drama Others

Little did he know, that it was only the beginning of the destruction of his village

2    178 5

A Horrendous Sin

Drama Tragedy

The girl vanished behind a cloud of smoke. Chopra slowly raised his shivering hands to his eyes. His...

4    331 5

The Haunted Orchid Villa

Drama Horror Thriller

She lit the fire and came to sit opposite to me. I noticed that water was dribbling down her hair...

5    244 6

Together We Can Reach The Sky


The story shows together we can reach the sky

2    139 4

Vicious Circle of Desires


I remember the time when I was a toddler. I used to crawl out of my mother's lap and look at the old...

3    185 5

Eternal Love


The story is about eternal love.

3    148 2

Varuni Villa Part --4


Rohit’s eyes ran through the garden like that of a madman’s.

2    225 6

Varuni Villa Part -3

Drama Thriller

The next morning Pawar and his men fished a skeleton out of the well. Rohit was standing with his ba...

3    412 10

The Mask


A male can just throw away his infertile wife and marry again. But a female has to bear with it...

3    336 22

Varuni Villa Part - 2

Crime Horror Thriller

“They were so madly in love with each other. I still could not convince myself that...

4    321 24

Varuni Villa Part -1

Crime Horror Thriller

Almost suddenly, as he opened his eyes, a girl clad in a saree appeared in front of his eyes. She wa...

4    409 32



This story is about a couple where a wife assumes the husband to have an affair with his secretary, ...

6    167 4

Nurtured By Love


An amazing story of a boy and a girl who belonged to two different communities, but were the followe...

5    344 6

It's A Miracle

Classics Inspirational

“He is out of danger now. And you know what Sanju, both the families are planning an outing together...

6    301 27

Bond Of A Lifetime


To impress his future in-laws, Aarav had dressed himself smartly and fixed a polite smile on his fac...

3    354 53

Beauty Is Not Skin Deep


"in order to win the heart of a girl who owns a beautiful soul."

5    424 44

The Invincible


You can meet her but as I had said she may not recognize you...

7    76 4

Devi's Wrath

Children Inspirational

He ran to the temple and looked at the idol. Devi was still smiling at him and affection still flowe...

2    864 23

Be Like Her


Jamuna thumped herself down on the porch of her ancestral home. ..

5    610 87

A Daughter All Her Life


He shed tears of repentance for taking too long to realize that only a daughter could be a daughter ...

3    892 66

From Her Grave

Drama Tragedy

A reunion of friends, one of whom was considered to be dead in a train accident

4    1.8K 81

My New Year Resolution

Drama Tragedy

Mom was shocked to see me as I returned home a day prior to the New Year's Eve party.

6    1.2K 59

My Santa Claus


"Yes I do," the girl said with a pretty smile, "she is my Santa Claus as she has gifted me with a ne...

4    2.3K 78

Believe It Or Not


Her voice was as sweet and charming as her looks. I was being drawn to her beauty and liveliness wit...

5    3.2K 64

A Night With A Stranger

Comedy Drama

It was nearly midnight when I stepped on the platform of the desolate railway station of Panchalpur.

5    8.7K 155

Then Life Happened


Vivek was jolted out of sleep by an early morning call on his mobile. He must have ignored if it was...

4    5.1K 130

The Surrogates


"I am not married." The girl said with a pretty smile. "What!" Shweta was baffled, "then how...!"

3    12.0K 79

In My Dreams


It all started on the day when one fine evening, Dad announced that he was about to be transferred t...

3    8.0K 112

Forget Me Not

Story of love, its immortality and recognition even when in coma

2    16.4K 125

A Guilty Soul

Drama Others

I toiled myself at a place where I was replaceable while ignoring the family who could never replace...

4    8.6K 156

The Terrorists


Dev assumes presence of terrorist in village but turns out that the people were from a drama troupe....

5    1.7K 89

The Most Precious One

Children Inspirational

Varun was in dilemma as he had lots of answers but none seemed to answer his father's query with abs...

3    8.2K 97

You Reap What You Sow

Drama Tragedy

"You were right Nandu," Chandu said sobbing on his shoulder, "today I have reaped what I have been s...

5    8.5K 147

The Three Vows


She sprang to her feet, packed her bags to reach home as early as possible, stuffing her three vows ...

5    16.6K 137

Someone Like You

Drama Tragedy

A bright smile lit up Sandra's face as she tore open the packet gifted by her boyfriend Freddy.

3    16.6K 112

So Close Yet So Far


A grandmother dies of heart attack because she did not get attention at the right time; everyone was...

3    16.6K 104

The Cafe

Drama Tragedy

'How could I let her go back alone in the dark through all those desolate streets,' he thought as he...

3    8.4K 168

The Story


Aditi slapped her head as the thought never crossed her mind...

4    1.8K 91

Friend Indeed


In the evenings, my Dad used to take me to a nearby tea - stall...

4    15.7K 100


Children Inspirational

He is defending our nation at the border. If he backs out from his post of duty, our nation will per...

2    8.7K 104

The Mind Game

Drama Thriller

“Do you know such dolls are used by people who practice Voodoo? May be….somebody is conspiring to ha...

5    17.1K 179

The Shadows

Children Comedy Thriller

On either sides of the back door I spotted two dark shadows that resembled human form in appearance.

4    8.8K 108

Truth Or Myth


a very good story of dream/ nightmare coming true, nice detailing of aspects

4    8.9K 206

Baked With Love

Comedy Romance

She was completely unaware of the turbulence of emotions that her presence used to create inside me.

4    17.3K 201

The Forbidden Book 2


Prepare yourself to move on with the flow of time

7    9.4K 210

The Forbidden Book - 1

Horror Thriller

"There are some hymns in the book that can beckon spirits."

4    9.7K 253

Poison Of Love


A story about two elderly gentlemen out to discover the effects of the poison of love..

7    18.2K 268

The Mysterious Bungalow - 2

Crime Thriller

A cold sweat ran down her face as she realised that she can't be sure of anything. She stood in fron...

6    10.5K 245

The Mysterious Bungalow - 1


Story of Sanjana, who bought an old bungalow at the suburbs of Shimla..

6    20.0K 331

On A Rainy Day


Story of a rainy day, when the author was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of an old friend..

3    10.3K 293

Her Birthday


Her spell made me break out of my cocoon and I took a firm decision to open my heart to her before o...

4    20.7K 251

Even Death Cant Do Us Part


Story of two friends who wowed to make music together...

3    10.4K 279

Last Hour Part - 4

Drama Romance

Sometimes it is difficult to say whether it’s a sunset or a new sunrise...

5    19.5K 181

Last Hour (Part - 3)


But that’s called true love. When you truly love someone, you don’t expect anything in return….not e...

4    10.4K 217

Last Hour - Part 2


A story about an old, unfulfilled love and memories attached to it..

3    19.1K 212

Last Hour

Children Inspirational

The importance we attach to the monetary value of things. For some, its huge while for others, just ...

5    10.1K 245

The Concept of Ardhanareeswara


The story of a wife making her husband's dreams come true..

5    10.3K 234

Niche In A Metro


A story of discovering kindness and brotherhood in an alien environment..

7    21.3K 218

Unity Among Diversity


Our country is blessed with such rich cultural diversity that no other nation in the world has....

6    10.2K 302

The Joy of Giving


A story of empathy and compassion for a less privileged friend..

3    10.7K 241

My Life My Way


A story about a girl who chose her marriage and her husband over her career.

4    10.5K 193

The Rival Sibling


But the thing about her daughters that had touched Uma's heart was the boundless love that the sibli...

4    19.8K 173

The Barbarian


Are barbarians from jungle, or real barbarians live in the cities..?

5    21.0K 240

सुख और सुविधाएँ


गाँव के उस विशाल-काय बरगद की छाँव नमन को बहुत याद आती है।

2    263 45

घर की राह


आशा ने हँसते हुए विकास को गले से लगा लिया।

3    193 43

शक्ति और अधिकार


उसके पास सारे अधिकार ज़रूर है परन्तु कुछ भी करने की शक्ति नहीं।

2    70 5



उसने प्रण लिया कि वह अपने और जया के प्रेम को सदैव इन हत्यारों से दूर रखेगा।

2    170 22

पैसा और प्यार

Children Stories

नीता अपने पति से नाराज़ थी। उसके पति अमर ने रविवार को उसे एवं उनके बच्चों को पिकनिक ले

2    301 14


Children Stories

तिवारी जी 35 वर्षों से केंद्रीय विद्यालय में पढ़ाते थे। एक वर्ष पूर्व ही वे प्राधानाचार

2    305 5

अंधा प्यार


उस दिन मुझे यह अहसास हुआ कि मुझे मेरा सोलमेट मिल गया।

2    328 18



किन्तु वह जानती थी यह अनिवार्य था जीवन में आगे बढ़ने के लिए।

2    63 4

मेरा जीवन बहती धारा


मेरा जीवन अभिशापित हो गया।

2    62 3



मोह मे अंधा बन उसकी हर इच्छा पूरी करना ऐसा ही था जैसे कहना आ बैल मुझे मार !

1    316 54


Action Inspirational

'फिल्मो में अभिनय करने वाले एक्टर को एवोर्ड मिलता है, पर बोर्डर पर मुसीबतों के बिच में रहेने वाले फ...

3    14.0K 44



एक पथ - प्रदर्शक की कहानी...।

3    14.1K 46



मैं अपने अपराधों के लिए तुम से क्षमा याचना करने की इच्छा से ही आज तक जीवित हूँ। तुम और रत्ना मुझे यद...

7    7.7K 39



वह उठा और उसने अपने आप को दर्पण मे देखा। पर उसे उस दर्पण में एक कलेक्टर नहीं बल्कि एक हत्यारा नज़र आ...

5    22.7K 66