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Mangesh Shirke   Author of the Year 2018 - Nominee

An Architect,I love writing poems and stories. Writing stories has now become my passion. For me,writing stories is like sculpting a beautiful sculptor,made very easily but with great attention to smaller details. read more

  Literary Brigadier

The Haunted Past

Horror Drama

Roxanne suddenly woke up. Sweating and shivering, she sat up on her bed. It was 2:15 AM, exactly the...

18    265 15

The Titled Reprisal

Thriller Drama

A dead body of a young woman has been found on the highway. Popular artist Alfred Atkins nelps the ...

18    247 3

Smile Please...!

Romance Drama

Earlier, she was a very introvert girl. Always angry on smaller things. But Rohit taught her the rea...

3    154 4

The Valiant Officer


His mother sobbed but never replied back. The next day, Nikolai came to know that his dad, a fire...

27    170 2

Her Alluring Eyes

Action Fantasy Thriller

The aliens knew the presence of some other power beside them, but they couldn’t locate it...

20    563 34

Mission Red Planet

Classics Inspirational

She was then awarded the Young Scientist Award by the President of India for her immense contributio...

15    742 34

The Master Of The Strategy

Crime Drama

Inspector Jackson ‘Jacky’ examined the accident spot.

12    203 5

The Flawed Consciousness

Crime Drama Others

All of them had suddenly disappeared, with no trace at all. The police searched the entire town for ...

14    994 103

Goodness Alone Prevails

Children Drama Inspirational

Story of a soldier who becomes a doctor to serve people

17    723 44

The Three Thieves


The three thieves, Laurel, Ismail and Richard were seated in their room.

15    1.7K 81

Madison – The Brave Dog


Johnson, a motor mechanic, was riding in his car along the deserted highway that connected Malibu to...

14    1.4K 63

The Devious Revenge

Crime Drama

Jason couldn't bear the loss. The lady whom he considered his mother, the lady who always loved him ...

13    3.4K 68

The Substantial Loser


Days later, Natasha committed suicide. The news of her death turned the whole world upside down.

13    5.7K 43

The Abortive Resolution - 2


Inspector, hurry up and stop the shooter...! The terrorists from the future have already send Droid ...

11    5.3K 80

The Abortive Resolution - 1

Thriller Tragedy

Inspector Ivor proceeded cautiously towards the terrace, a person in White Lab Coat came in from the...

10    13.1K 101

The Untold Recalls

Crime Tragedy

“I’ve finally avenged your death, dear one…!” he said as he looked at the photo with tears welling d...

12    14.7K 129

Part 4-The Mystic Retribution

Action Fantasy

He flew till he reached his homeland Himavanta.....

12    11.7K 81

Part 3- The Goddess’s Conceit

Action Drama Others

The more proud you are, the weaker you get.

11    5.8K 99

Part 2- The Concealed Weakness

Action Fantasy

Tanun had a superpower by which he could ...

11    5.9K 107

Part 1- The Secret Constituent

Action Drama Thriller

Inspired by Lord Hanuman,here is a Superhero story of a warrior who gains his lost confidence back.

12    17.0K 135

The False Executioner

Action Crime

As he closed his car door, he suddenly felt a heavy object hitting his head from behind.

11    16.5K 89



Story of a village's transformation from an unorganised one to winning an award. Amazing Teamwork an...

10    8.3K 136

The Stellar Spiral

Action Fantasy

“Julian…!” Carol almost screamed “Get up fast…!! We are in a time loop..! We’ve been reliving this d...

10    16.9K 101

A Different Existence

Drama Tragedy

A story of perseverance, love, hard work and moral support in the face of disabilities ad discrimina...

11    16.5K 147

The Eventual Retribution - 2


Just because you can destroy anybody’s family ...

9    8.4K 92

The Brilliant Agent


A story of a spy & how he helped the Indian Army to make "Operation Vijay" - The Kargil War a huge s...

10    16.9K 184

The Eventual Retribution - 1


A doctor suffering from split personality and the various murders committed by his other personality...

9    8.3K 119

Ginger Up The Enemy..!

Action Drama Inspirational

A story based on the First ever Surgical Strike by the Indian Army on Pakistan in the Indo -Pak war ...

9    16.2K 154

Project Racket Strike - 3

Action Drama

The entire Research Complex had collapsed in dust, leaving no traces of anything behind.

10    16.2K 114

Project Racket Strike - 2

Crime Fantasy Thriller

a gripping science fiction with unexpected twists and turns

9    16.5K 101

Project Racket Strike - 1

Drama Thriller

Where’s the Alpha research team? What type of epidemic is this? Why did only I hear the sound?

9    16.9K 121

Project Racket Strike - 3

Action Fantasy Thriller

Now the commander knew who was the real culprit. But was he able to save the world from destruction?

10    16.1K 156

The 5 Wi - 3

Action Fantasy Thriller

So finally what happens to the inspector? Does she nab the robbers?

10    17.2K 193

The 5 Wi - 2

Action Crime Fantasy

a gripping science fiction on cyber crime or five different colored wires

9    17.0K 96

The 5 Wi-1

Crime Drama Thriller

Tower Control, this is Inspector Milena. We have just received info that the CBIC Bank HQ has been r...

9    16.7K 104

Project Racket Strike - 2


So now AJ knew What's Project Racket Strike... But what were the enemies intentions? Did AJ knew abo...

9    7.8K 107

Project Racket Strike - 1


Was it in some way related to the epidemic in the islands? Who wanted to kill me and why?

9    16.3K 116

Her Inner Demons


A story on how a girl overcame her bad thoughts & only focused on the good inside her.

8    17.3K 131

Operation Wonder Machine - 2


So they now know the mastermind. But why is he doing this? What are his intentions for creating the ...

9    17.6K 185

The 5-wi - Part 3

Action Crime Thriller

"That's it...!!" she exclaimed looking at it," I did it..... fantastic.....!" she said to one of her...

10    17.0K 173

The Perfect Plan 2

Crime Tragedy

“We finally avenged our mom-dad’s death…”

9    16.5K 135

The Perfect Plan - 1

Crime Thriller

I want her dead……! Do anything that you can…but see to it that she’s out…! Don’t make her awake from...

8    16.2K 162

The 5 Wi - 2


The inspector now knows who are the robbers. But can she catch them this time? Or is it an unusual p...

9    18.2K 127

The Scientific Deviation 2

Fantasy Thriller

Now Freddy understood. It was him running in the past towards the labs.

9    18.1K 162

The Scientific Deviation - 1


“The thing that you are seeing in front is the Time Machine.” Freddy couldn’t believe his ears. A Ti...

8    18.1K 149

The 5 Wi - 1

Fantasy Thriller

A bank has been robbed.The inspector travels back in time & finds some suspected people. But are the...

9    17.8K 177

The Alternative Temperament -2

Crime Thriller

They were forensic reports, indicating the presence of a certain poisonous compound found in the bod...

8    18.3K 174

Project Razor Sharp - Part 3


So that's the identity of the virus...!! Well..I've already destroyed it....I'm Awesome..!!

8    18.1K 142

Project Razor Sharp - Part 2


"An Alien Bacterium inside me? But Why am I not poisoned? What's causing me to remain strong..?"

7    18.0K 241

Project Razor Sharp - Part 1


"Why am I getting the visions? Was it something related to the experiments happening here?"

7    17.7K 178

The Alternative Temperament-1


A new medicine is developed. But who altered it? Who is the limping, one eyed person obstructing the...

9    19.0K 262

Magic - The Wonder Dog - 2

Drama Inspirational

But, somewhere in life you have to stand on your own. Sometimes, life gives you examples from things...

10    19.2K 161



As they returned back, they came to know that Magic wasn’t with them.

9    10.5K 299

The Perfect Plan - 2


Jonathan stared in horror as he heard every single detail from the mastermind.

9    19.3K 241

The Perfect Plan - 1

Crime Thriller

An Accident. A murder. People against each other...Who is trapping the millionaire?

8    19.0K 156

The Elder Brother - 3


A story of mystery, investigation and justice, where Daniel follows his instincts to an abandoned te...

8    20.1K 278

The Elder Brother - 2


Daniel, closely observing, neared the Ghost & NOW recognizing the silhouette, immediately realised W...

8    19.3K 224

The Elder Brother - 1

Drama Thriller

A Ghost comes to meet Daniel every night in his dreams......but why is it coming?What message it wan...

8    9.8K 241

Operation Wonder Machine - 2

Crime Tragedy

This story tells about the concept of hate. Hate leads to nowhere. It’s a pure self-destruction.

9    9.6K 243

Operation Wonder Machine - 1


“Tell me what these images mean.” Walter ordered him sternly, tapping his boots on the floor....

7    10.2K 276

Metal Is Bad For Health

Thriller Crime

Dr.Lindsey left her past behind.But did the past really leave her?

9    9.5K 207

The Scientific Deviation - 2

Drama Thriller

Now Dr.Alfred "Freddy" comes to know the real part of his senior.But who is the caller who's helping...

9    20.0K 215

The Scientific Deviation - 1


In this Time travel Story, Dr. Alfred goes back in time and alters his past. But ...is it really cha...

8    20.2K 267

Snowfrost And The 7 Stones


A fantasy tale about Snowfrost and her companion Edena, and their adventures on course of completing...

8    9.9K 208

The Perfect Theft


“Where’s the real money?” Captain James, again staying calm, asked...

7    10.0K 210

Project RazorSharp -Part Three


How was it possible? How come my blood became immune to the virus without any anti-biotic?

8    20.3K 173

Project Razor-Sharp : Part Two

Fantasy Thriller

The commander discovers the Real power inside him... but who got this power inside him?

7    10.1K 303

Project Razorsharp - Part One

Fantasy Thriller Action

A commander is injected with a virus that makes him a SUPER-SOLDIER. But is the virus really helping...

7    10.0K 191

The Father’s Teaching


The inspirational story about a boy who becomes self dependent after his father teaches him.

8    10.2K 260

The Evil Man


The story of a ruthless, evil warrior and his conquests..

7    10.0K 207

The Mind of Humans


"A story about an astronaut who gets stuck in space,and someone who plays mind games with him."

8    20.4K 209

The Top Cop


Danny, a member of the detective department has upon him, the onus of saving the city from a terrori...

8    10.5K 303

Her Inner Demons


Story about a girl and her passion for photography, which took her to new heights..

8    10.6K 221

From time: To Time


Jim wakes up and finds himself going through the same events again and again..

9    10.3K 130

The 'Real' Intelligence

Others Thriller

Is technology giving life the potential to flourish or destroy itself...?

10    19.7K 236

The Triple Strike


A story on how a Detective Girl sues the Rich person of falsehood and betrayal....Or ...DOES SHE REA...

5    10.2K 231