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“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

    - Author H.P. Lovecraft 

Most of us have haunting experiences at some point of our life or have faced some paranormal activities or some just love a good scary story, something to send a chill across your spine. 

Scary zombie or lumbering knifeman, Satan child or invisible man, there’s nothing more blood-pumping than watching ghosts, demons and spirits munch, slash and stomp their way. Exquisite Corpse

StoryMirror presents a Exquisite Corpse Exquisite Corpse where you can showcase your talent with the words that would enliven their horror in reality and build terror, suspense, and spooks into your story that instills a sense of fear in the reader.

Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse

horror story, ghost stories, horror, paranormal activity, scary story, scary face, horror face, scary ghost, horror scene, horror of dracula, spooky, house on a haunted hill, paranormal, haunted, ghost.

You can use all or minimum 5 words from the above list in your story.

Exquisite Corpse

  1. It has to be a horror content
  2. Winner will be decided based on editorial scores.
  3. Participants should submit their original content. There is no limit to the number of content you submit.
  4. There is no word limit.
  5. It is necessary to use a minimum 5 words from the list in your story.

Exquisite Corpse


Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse -


Exquisite Corpse

Top 20 best stories will be published as an ebook through StoryMirror.

Participants certificates to all the participants.

Exquisite Corpse

Sep 11, 2020 to October 26, 2020

Exquisite Corpse

November 2020

Exquisite Corpse

Email: neha@storymirror.com

Phone number: +91 9372458287  

Meet our Judge for the English Language:

With several books to his credit, Neil D’Silva is a known name in the Indian literary world. His unique stories have struck a chord with a wide range of readers, eliciting praise from various quarters. He has also won screen adaptation deals on three of his books.

He is an author of Right Behind You published by StoryMirror.

He has been named as one of the Top 7 Indian horror writers to be read by UK’s DESIblitz magazine. Considered as one of the forerunners of contemporary Indian horror literature, he has been covered by major publications.

Neil D’Silva is the President of the India Chapter of the Horror Writers Association.

He was a winner at the Delhi Literature Festival Short Story Competition of 2015. His book Maya’s New Husband won the title of Entertainer of the Year at the Literary Awards 2015 that was co-hosted by Authors’ Ink Publications and Inside Stories.

You can buy his book Right Behind You here: http://sm-s.in/lF7yxt9