Big Fat Greek Disaster

Big Fat Greek Disaster

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First, I will introduce our main characters, whose names are Tennor and Kinusha. They are a 20 yr old couple. They are both introverts and rarely go outside. But, one day they found that their office was giving them a week's holiday, so they decided to take a long awaited vacation. Kinusha was excited , but Tennor was concerned. Kinusha thought he was being silly, but she also wondered why he was so concerned. She asked why he was acting so weird and he answered, "I have a feeling that this vacation could go wrong." When Kinusha heard that, she wondered why! And the moment she asked Tennor blurted out as loud as he possibly could, ”IT'S BECAUSE I INVITED MY BABY SISTER!”

Kinusha thought that was silly, but as Tennor continued, she found out why his baby sister, Shelly, could be a potential disaster. ” She likes her toys so much, she bites and/or destroys anything that is in the way of playtime, but we cant bring any of her toys with us because the suitcase is WAY too tiny to fit anything but clothes, and as always, she refuses to take anything but her one of a kind hand painted suitcase which looks like a blob of ink dropped on it and got majorly smudged, but she INSISTS that it is a shell (ironic, thanks to the name).” I said that nothing could ruin this vacation, but I think I went a bit wrong, because I have come back from this vacation, and I have a story, and it may not be the best story, but I hope that it gives you a laugh, since i spent hours writing it and EXPERIENCING it.

We had bought a ticket for a flight which was at gate number 1, and we started boarding at gate number 1, but we had gotten in the middle of that tube thing when we heard the speaker lady echoing that the flight to Greece ( which was where we were going) was now at gate number 4 and not 1. We took a breath and thought that there was no way for us to possibly get to gate number 4 in time for boarding, but then Shelly had such a hopeful look in her eyes, and she started to pull us so hard that we had no choice but to trail behind her like wheely suitcases. Now, if anybody has ever seen a child who is under 7 yrs old run, they would know that they run in a different TIME ZONE. If a normal adult would get to a place in 3 hrs, a 4 yr old kid could get there before the adult even started. We mindlessly ran after Shelly, but before we got the chance to finish our marathon of a chase, we had reached gate 4 successfully just in the nick of time before the gates closed. We ran through the tube into the plane and before we knew it, we were sitting in our plane seats.

Shelly at first started to feel hungry, so we bought a $20 pack of peanuts which we gave to her, but she just threw them on the ground, and when we handed them back to her, she had gotten enough of the ‘throw on the ground act' and decided to throw the now OPEN bag of peanuts at the seats in front of us. The lady in front was like a raging bull and headed straight towards the staff room to complain but she couldn't find anyone there, and then she stomped so hard that I heard some passengers praying that the plane wouldn’t malfunction. She then started banging on the door of the cockpit which could have removed concentration of the pilot and lead to certain doom, so before that enraged woman could knock the door open, security put her in the Restricted Staff section for the guard to keep an eye on her till further notice.

We were safe for the flight, but we were boiling at Shelly for throwing those peanuts at the poor woman who probably just wanted some shut-eye after a long day like we did. We finally landed and picked up our luggage. Thank heavens that our luggage didn't get lost, we were having enough trouble as it was. We boarded the bus which brought us to the taxi area and got in our taxi. We didn't know exactly where the man was taking us, since we thought the cabs already knew the hotel that we had booked. The driver dropped us off at a yacht and said in Greek what I think was ,”have a nice day" and drove off. I thought that the driver had gone mad, but we saw the number of his car and it was completely different from the number of the taxi that we were supposed to board! We had landed in a yacht, and we saw that there was no one who was serving or taking people to their hotel rooms, so from our assumption, we had come to not just ANY cruise, but a PARTY cruise.

We decided to book a room in a local inn which costed up to $100 a night. The inn keeper said that our room would have been in 1st class shape, but when we arrived, we saw that the room was FILTHY. we tried our very best to clean up the place, but that room required a team of janitors to even make a scratch!! The keeper came to check up on us and found us doing something in room 110, and we told him that room 110 was anything BUT 1st class, and the keeper seemed shocked to find us in room 110. Shelly asked why and the keeper said that we had got the wrong room, We were supposed to go into room no. 011,not 110!! We were holding the wrong key the entire time!! We were finally upgraded to 1st class, but we couldn't even enjoy all the amenities because we dozed off the minute we got the morning, we drove to our REAL hotel and finally got the chance to unpack our clothes. I and Tennor had packed perfectly fine, but when we opened Shelly's suitcase, we saw that she had taken out all the clothes and replaced them with toys, so we had to buy her new clothes which were unnaturally expensive. When we asked why she had removed all her clothes and replaced them with toys, she looked at us ever so innocently and said ,” I just wanted to play." When I was just about to give Shelly a piece of my mind, Tennor suddenly cried out ,"I M HUNGRY” and it made me think. We had put all our food in Shelly's suitcase, so now we had nothing to eat!

Tennor and I hopped in a cab and drove to the nearest food shop and bought some instant noodles, cake, peanut butter and bread. We made do with that for the day, but the very next day we were sure to finally have some fun. We decided to visit a Greek museum which had artifacts and statues of Greek gods. Shelly was running around and accidentally ripped a painting which was worth millions. Luckily there wasn't any NOTICEABLE rip, so the museum was willing to let us go......... after we had paid $800. We had gotten just about enough of shelly's antics, so we left her behind for our next activity which was a safari. When we reached the safari area, it was dead quiet, and we had taken 4 steps into the safari area when a robot Tiger started walking behind us, but thanks to some miracle, it didn't pounce.The safari was nearly a fail, as there was a power cut. And the power had gone out at the WORST TIME POSSIBLE!! We were next to the lions, the REAL lions. Luckily, the cart started just before the lion had realized that during his feast, another one was waiting. We decided that we had had enough of this and booked a 2 day early trip back home, which was expensive considering that we barely had enough money to buy food anymore. I boarded the flight and had a nice and relaxing journey, but it didn't seem right to have this much peace on a flight. In fact, it was a bit TOO peaceful.......... we looked into each other's eyes as though petrified. SHELLY WAS NOT THERE.

We then had to buy tickets back to Greece! Broke and bushed, we took our dreary bodies to our bed where the phone was ringing. Unsurprisingly, it was Tennor's mom, calling to tell us that we were not responsible enough to handle kids and an hour long speech which we fell asleep half way through. That's the last time that Shelly was coming along with us.

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