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The Fight

The Fight

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This story is about two friends who studied in the same school, in the same class. They were in class 10 in St.Anthony Residential school in Shimla. As it was a residential school, both lived in the school hostels.

Rohit and Sambit both were good friends. As they lived in the hostel, they developed a good friendship since they lived together day and night. School friends are always special. This friendship is innocent and is without any bias.

After a month of the beginning of their new session of class 10, a new boy named Himanshu took admission. He was the son of the new Collector of Shimla and was very smart and agile. He came to school daily in a government car with a red light on top. He was mixing as well and got along with others quite easily.

Initially, Rohit and Sambit got along with Himanshu. But the problem started when Himanshu stood against Rohit in the school head boy election. Rohit always thought that he would be the next head boy, and would win without any problem. But now with Himanshu standing against him, it was not sure who would win.

The school elections were next month and all the contenders were given sufficient time to present themselves before the school, to prove that they are eligible for this post. Sambit stood for house captain post and supported Rohit for the head boy. But Himanshu wanted to contest for the head boy instead.

One day after school hours, the three friends Rohit, Sambit and Himanshu went out in the football ground to play. During this time Rohit said arrogantly that Himanshu should take his name back from the election. Himanshu refused and said that he deserved to win and Rohit should back up instead. Slowly altercation started and became heated up. Sambit started to pacify both but no one listened. Finally in a feat of rage both decided to fight it out. It was decided that at 10 pm after the hostel superintendent goes to his room, they would meet up in the college backyard and there would be some selected classmates who would be the witness to this match. Whoever wins would contest in the election. No object like a stick or anything was allowed. Both would fight barehanded.

Finally, the moment came. There were around 20-25 classmates who were all excited. Sambit was the referee. He gave the signal for start. Himanshu blocked Rohit and gave a tight blow to Rohit's stomach. Rohit cried: "Ah... and could know that it was a bad decision to fight and that too with a stronger contender. But the mistake was already made. He somehow managed to get up and managed to give 2-3 blows to Himanshu, himself getting double the number in return. It went on like this for around 15 minutes when suddenly Shiraz, another friend who was given the duty to keep an eye on the hostel superintendent, came running to inform that he saw the later coming this way. He might have heard some commotion and is coming in to check. All the students were afraid of the superintendent. Besides being very strict the superintendent, Mr.Raghav sir was also a state-level boxer and the sports instructor in the school. All of them fled from that spot.

Next day both Rohit and Himanshu did not go to their classes pretending to be sick. When the school doctor came to see them and asked about the bruises, they lied to have fallen in the staircase. After two days Himanshu approached Rohit first and said that it was not right about what happened and he was sorry about it. Rohit did not expect this as he was the one responsible for this. However, he also obliged and the episode was closed. Both became friends again.

And the election result? There was a surprise. Shishir another friend, who had also contested became head boy. Sambit, however, won as house captain.

And this fight resulted in nothing but helped in making the bond between two friends stronger. And both became life long friends hereafter.

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